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Assistance for Unpaid Carers

The last few months have brought many challenges, not least for unpaid carers, many of whom have been unable to access any means of a break from caring, in any shape or form.  Wee Breaks in Midlothian is open for applications and can assist any unpaid carer who is providing support for someone who lives in Midlothian. Please download The Wee Breaks Leaflet for more information. For more details on assistance for carers, please have a look at our Carers Page.

Flu Vaccinations - Eligible Patients Can Now Telephone For Appointments

Flu is serious. With coronavirus (COVID-19) around it's more important than ever to get the flu vaccine this autumn to protect yourself, others and the NHS.
Whilst we have been contacting the most at risk patients, we are now happy to open our lines for those who are eligible and have not yet booked an appointment with us.

Eligible patients include: 

Over 65 year olds

Pregnant patients

Patients who are a main carer

Patients with a chronic disease such as diabetes, asthma, COPD and coronary heart disease

Any questions? Follow this link to read more at NHS Inform:

If you are not eligible to get the vaccine through the NHS, you can visit your local pharmacy and pay to receive it privately.

Flu Vaccination Campaign 2020

The Flu Campaign is starting earlier than usual this year, at the end of September.

  • More patients than ever before will be offered a flu vaccination this year. We will be offering vaccinations to half of our patients, over 4000 patients.
  • There is no shortage of flu vaccinations this year so we appreciate your patience as we contact each group of eligible patients to attend for vaccinations.
  • We must prioritise our most vulnerable patients and vaccinate them first.
  • Patients who were on the shielding list and patients who live with a shielding patient will be vaccinated at a priority clinic at Midlothian Community Hospital. You will be sent a letter with further information on booking for this.
  • Housebound patients will be vaccinated by the Community Vaccination Team. The practice will contact you with a date and time.
  • Patients over 65 or under 65 in an at risk category please contact the practice to arrange an appointment.
  • Children in the 2-5 age category will have their Fluenz (nasal vaccine) organised by the Childhood Immunisation Team.  You can telephone 07766922751 between the hours of 9am-12noon to arrange your child's flu vaccination  from 16th of September to 27th of November. 
  • The services our practice is currently able to offer will be reduced during the flu campaign and there may be some days that we can provide emergency services.
  • Local Pharmacies in the area (Cohen’s Pharmacy, Lloyds in Straiton, Dalkeith and Newtongrange, Rowlands in Bonnyrigg and Loanhead, Roslin Pharmacy and Lindsay and Gilmour Pharmacy in Woodburn) are also able to administer flu vaccines to those in the eligible groups at no cost.

For the latest Government advice and information on flu and flu vaccinations, please visit or telephone 0800 22 44 88.

Cold Symptoms versus Covid-19 symptoms - which does my child have?

Now that the children are back to school and nursery, there are lots of viruses around. Understandably, parents and carers may feel worried if their child is unwell. 

The main symptoms of Covid-19 are:

New continuous cough

Fever/high temperature (over 37.8)

Loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste

If your child has any of these symptoms, they should self isolate and you should book a test as soon as possible by calling 0800 028 2816 or visiting

If your child does not have the main symptoms of Covid-19 but has other cold-like symptoms such as blocked/runny nose, headache and sore throat then we recommend you treat the cold as you normally would, with over the counter treatment. A Covid-19 test is not required. If your child does not feel well enough to attend school, you should keep them at home until they feel better. There is no need to contact your GP unless you are concerned that your child is seriously unwell.

Visit  for the latest government advice.

Support for Carers During the Covid-19 Pandemic

VOCAL (Voice of Carers Across Lothian) have created a useful leaflet for carers to let them know what support is available to them during the pandemic. 

You can download the leaflet - Support for Carers Leaflet

Please have a look at our Carers Information Page for more details on assistance for carers. 

Midlothian Mental Health Services -  Feedback from patients requested

Have you been supported by a mental health service in Midlothian? Or thought about accessing support? Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership are reviewing adult support in the community and would like to hear your views.

You can fill in their survey online - 

If you would prefer to fill in a paper copy of the form then you can download one - Mental Health Survey

Paper copies of the form should be posted to Sheena Lowrie, Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership, Fairfield House, 8 Lothian Road, Dalkeith, EH22 3AA.

You can keep up to date with the latest news from the Health and Social Care Partnership by visiting their Facebook page - 

Pharmacy First Service 

Your local pharmacist can now help you with advice and treatment for minor illnesses, such as those listed below. If the pharmacist feels that you require to see a GP then they will advise you. You can read more about the Pharmacy First service on the NHS Inform Pharmacy First website. You can also download a Pharmacy First Patient Information Leaflet

Acne, Head lice, Allergies, Haemorrhoids (piles,) Athlete’s foot, Hay fever, Backache, Impetigo, Blocked or runny nose,  Indigestion, Cold sores, Mouth ulcers ,Constipation, Pain, Cough, Period pain, Cystitis (in women), Sore throat, Diarrhoea, Threadworms, Earache, Thrush, Eczema, Warts, Headache, Verrucas

Patients Who Are Exempt From Face Coverings

Members of the public are now being asked to wear masks or face coverings in various situations such as on public transport and in shops. Wearing a face covering can feel uncomfortable, but we would recommend that you do wear one if possible, for your own safety. However, some people are exempt from having to do so for the reasons below:

  • They have a disability or health condition that means they cannot put a covering on
  • A covering will cause them severe distress or anxiety
  • They need to communicate with someone who relies on lip reading
  • They have a reasonable need to eat, drink or take medicine

You can read the most up to date information regarding face coverings on the Scottish Government website.

There is no requirement to obtain evidence in the form of a letter from a doctor or government that you are exempt, and our practice are not providing letters or certificates for patients who are exempt from wearing face coverings.

If you have a condition which means you cannot wear a face covering you need only advise if asked that you cannot wear a face covering because you are exempt.  

We understand that some patients may feel more comfortable and confident if they were able to show a card or badge, and these are freely available to download or order on the internet. 

Disability Equality Scotland have downloadable cards and links to organisations that can provide you with badges. 

Please Wear A Mask When Attending Appointments

When attending the practice for an appointment we would be grateful if you could wear a face covering or mask. 

This is important because social distancing at two metres is not possible when we have to examine you, take bloods or complete treatments. 

If you are able to bring your own mask to your appointment then that would be appreciated, however we can provide a mask upon arrival if necessary.

Wash hands with soap and water before touching your mask. Check the mask for any tears or holes. Adjust the mask without leaving gaps on the side. Avoid touching your mask. Wash your hands after removing your mask.


Prescription Requests - Please telephone after 10am

Please remember that we cannot accept paper prescription requests at the moment. Instead we ask that you email the practice - , or telephone us on 0131 322 9333. If you are telephoning the practice with a prescription request, please ring after 10am.

Midlothian Access Point Now Open - Phone and Video Consultations Only

Midlothian Access Point are available to help patients who feel low or stressed. They can give you a chance to talk about how you are feeling and how it is affecting your life. They are able to let you know about local services that can provide assistance and how you can access support that can help you. Please note that this service is not a crisis or emergency service. 

They are currently offering telephone and video consultations only. 

These are available on:

Monday mornings from 9.30am

Tuesday evenings until 7pm

Wednesday afternoons from 1pm

To book an appointment, please email your name and contact telephone number to 

If you do not have access to email but would like an appointment, please telephone the practice - we can email on your behalf. 

For more information, click on Midlothian Access Point or download the Midlothian Access Point Poster.

GP Consultations With Patient Photographs

Patient safety is our priority during the coronavirus epidemic and wherever possible the doctor will try to help you on the telephone rather than asking you to come to an appointment, to reduce the number of patients having to come into the health centre. If the doctor needs to see you in person to assess you properly then they will always arrange this. However, when appropriate, the doctor may ask if you would email a photograph to our prescription email address so that they can assess what is wrong without you having to attend.

There are a few things you should be aware of:

  • You should only email a photograph if the doctor asks you toOnly photo emails that have been requested by the doctor will be opened.
  • The email address is
  • The practice cannot guarantee that if you send a photograph from your email account that it will be secure, and there is no guarantee the email will be received by the practice. It is up to you to decide whether you feel your email provider is sufficiently secure, and we will understand if you do not wish to send a photograph via email. The doctor will discuss alternative options with you if this is the case. 
  • When you send an email you will receive an automated reply to let you know we have received the email.
  • Suitable images that you send will be saved in your health record. 
  • For full details on this service, read our Emailed Clinical Images Patient Guide.

We hope that you will find this new way of consulting to be convenient and helpful.

Accessing GP Care and Self Help Guidance

Midlothian Council are working with GP Practices across the county during the Coronavirus Pandemic. They have created a video with the help of local doctors to encourage patients to make use of NHS Inform Self Help Guides when deciding whether to contact your GP. You may be able to treat some simple medical conditions at home with self help. Please have a look at the video below. You should still always contact your GP with any urgent symptoms. 


Accessing Tests for Coronavirus

The Government have now made arrangements for all patients over the age of five years old with coronavirus symptoms (fever, cough, loss of sense of smell and/or taste) to be tested. 

Remember that you should still telephone NHS24 on 111 if you require any advice or assistance regarding your symptoms. 

You should only apply for a test if you have symptoms. You can apply for a test on -tick 'Test sites in Scotland' or 'Request a home test kit' if you are unable to visit our local test site, which is based at Edinburgh Airport. 

If you are an essential worker your employer may be able to organise priority testing for you, so please speak to your manager if this is the case. 

The test is most effective if taken within three days of your symptoms starting, but can still be effective up until day five. 

You can read more about testing on the Scottish Government website :

Minor Injury Assessment Video Consultations Now Available

The Minor Injury Clinics at the hospital can now offer a video call in our own home. If you have an injury such as a strain, sprain, suspected broken bone, wound or burn or musculoskeletal condition (joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves, tendons) then please call 07977 246 848 between 11am and 7pm. Video assessments are carried out by a specialist Nurse Practitioner using secure video consulting software that is private and confidential. The nurse will ask you questions, may look at your injury and advise you on the best next step, which could be self care advice, an appointment at the Minor Injury Unit or advice to use other helpful services such as your local pharmacy. 

The service is not suitable for injuries from a week ago or more, patients seeking a second opinion, those who require emergency care (for example chest pain) or patients younger than one year old. 

Why not download a Minor Injury Assessment poster to pop on your fridge door?

Advice and Support For Those Recovering from Coronavirus

The NHS Lothian Rehabilitation Team are providing a helpline for patients who are recovering from coronavirus but are concerned about how to cope with persistent symptoms such as breathlessness, cough and fatigue. They can also help you with your mental health and any anxiety, how to manage any pain and how to deal with getting back to work. Some patients take longer to recover than others, and the team are there to provide support and reassurance on all aspects of your recovery, and can also refer you on to other specialists if required. 

The phone number is 07969 334 704

The phone line is open from Monday to Friday 9am - 12 noon but if you ring outwith these times the team will aim to get back to you within one working day. 

Accessing Coronavirus Information in Different Languages

Is English not your first language? Are you finding it difficult to keep up to date with the latest information on how to stay safe during the coronavirus epidemic? The latest NHS Guidelines regarding Coronavirus are now available in many languages on the Doctors of the World website

There are also videos on the website, including ones suitable for parents and children:

Please share these links with any friends or family members who do not have English as their first language. 

There are also simple posters with essential Covid-19 information available to download - please click on the language to download the poster: ArabicBengaliChinese (Simplified)Chinese (Traditional)ItalianPolishRomanianSpanish and Urdu.

Accessing Emergency Support from the Midlothian Council Community Lifelong Learning Team

Not everyone has family or friends who are able to help them if they are unwell or require to self isolate due to Covid19. Midlothian Council Community Lifelong Learning Team are working with local resilience groups who can arrange support for you. These services are not only for those who are shielding or frail, but for anyone who requires emergency support, such as help with shopping, picking up a prescription or assistance with heating or electricity. 

You can contact them by:

Read more on the website :

Download the information leaflet:  Emergency Help Guide

Prescription Requests - Please Allow Sufficient Time for Pharmacies To Issue These

During the COVID-19 epidemic our local pharmacies are dealing with unprecedented demand for prescriptions, and are also affected by short staffing at this time as a result of coronavirus. 

We appreciate your patience when requesting and collecting your medication. If you have requested repeat medication, please allow a week before collecting it. If a doctor is issuing a prescription urgently for you on the day, such as an antibiotic, please try to allow at least four hours before going to collect your prescription. 

Our pharmacy colleagues are working very hard and appreciate your understanding. 

Coronavirus Advice for Unpaid Carers

Midlothian Council has produced a useful web page for unpaid  carers during the pandemic  -

Unpaid carers can be provided with personal protective equipment (gloves, aprons and masks) - please see the following leaflet to find out when you should use these and how to order them - PPE for unpaid carers information leaflet

The council also suggests that it would be helpful for carers to complete an Emergency Plan which includes information on the person you care for, and what help you provide them. This information is helpful in case you are unable to provide care, for example if you are unwell. You can download a Carers Emergency Plan here.

Feeling Good - Positive Mindset App

You can download the Feeling Good app for your mobile phone or tablet for free by visiting  this website if you would like help to relax. Many people are finding the Covid-19 pandemic very stressful and the Feeling Good app may help you.

For more information on helping your mental health, and accessing support, please also visit the Midlothian Wellbeing Access Point page on our website.

Remember to contact the practice if you are dealing with a mental health emergency.  

Maggie's Centre has moved to phone, email and online support

Patients can no longer visit Maggie's Centre (which provides support to cancer patients and their families and friends) but they still want those of you who need help, advice or just a chat to get in touch with them by phone (0131 537 3131) or email - .





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